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Schoology Training

This year, family members can access Schoology by using their child’s login credentials, either by using your child’s computer, a family computer, or a smartphone with the free Schoology app installed.

Additional Resources:

To log into Schoology on another computer:

  1. Log out of all Google Accounts
  2. Go to and use student credentials to login to Google Student Credentials:
  3. a. HCPS Email: (this does not change)
    b. Current password (it will change every 150 days)

  4. Once logged in to Google, open a new tab and go to
  5. You should automatically be logged in to Schoology.

To log into Schoology using the Schoology app:

  1. Download the free application on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select the “Username Login” option at startup.
  3. Search for “Henrico County Public Schools” (Note: do not use any of the other variations of the name that appear.)
  4. When prompted to log into Google, use your student’s HCPS email address:
  5. On the next screen, titled “Secure Login for F5 Networs,” enter the following credentials:
  6. a. Username: hcps-username
    b. Password: current password

Currently, the Schoology Parent Portal is not available, but is expected to go online in the 2017-18 school year. For more information, please see this link on what Schoology has to offer.

Further documentation is available here: “Log into Schoology when away from school”